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Reflections: Handcrafted Beaded Bracelets

February 21, 2008

These are some lovely bead braclets from Shirley who usually does scrap booking. Perhaps she should do more beading by the quality of these.

I have been having a little play with some beads and have whipped up a number of cute little bracelets that I thought I would share with you . . .

Reflections: Handcrafted Beaded Bracelets

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Christmas Beading Pattern and Christmas Craft ideas

November 29, 2007

Would you like an easy Christmas Beading Pattern. Check out my Squidoo lens on Christmas Beading patterns

Do you love to make Christmas Crafts. Well I have some great ideas and free instructions for you at Christmas Craft Ideas.


The Complete Bead Guide

September 20, 2007

Dear Beading Enthusiast

At last … a complete bead guide that answers all your questions about beads, beading and beadwork!

If that interests you hurry over to…

The Complete Bead Guide

“The Complete Bead Guide” is not like any other book about beading you’ve ever read. The reason for this, is that a simple webpage was set up and people who visited it were asked to leave their biggest question about beads.

The author then answered them all!

This means that there’s no “fluff” in the book. Just the real answers you want to know about beads and beading.

You’ll discover all types of exciting tips and information about beads. From their history and origin … to what supplies you’ll need for your projects. From how to source beads (easily and inexpensively) … to the types of threads you should avoid!

Here’s a link to more information about “The Complete Bead Guide“:

Complete Bead Guide

Knitted Beading

July 13, 2007

I have tried knitted beading and here are the photos of how it turned out. I used a wonder knitter designed to take beads. It is just the same as the old knitting Nancy we used as kids.

I used 28 gauge thread, 7 metres for a necklace and 3 metres for a bracelet.

I started with a packet of seed beads and a packet of mixed beads in peach colored tones.

Packets of beads

Next I sorted the beads into sizes. I wanted the larger beads to be in the middle of the necklace. I threaded the beads onto the wire with 5 seed beads between the larger beads and 3 between the smaller ones.
Threading the beads

To cast on I put the end of the wire down the Wonder Knitter about 15cm. Holding the tail of the wire I passed the wire around the first pin twice. Then around the 2nd and 3rd pin. Put the wire across the first pin again and using the hook lift the original loop over. Do this for the 2nd and 3rd pins. This is the first row.

Now I added beads by sliding 3 seed beads into the gap before the first stitch. I passed the wire around the first in and lifted the original stitch over it with the hook. I did the same for next two stitch and continued adding beads between the stitches.

For the smaller beads I added seed beads on either side. For the larger beads I did each one with a stitch on their own and then the seed beads for the next stitch to leave more space. Give a gentle tug on the thread through the bottom to pull the knitting through.


To cast off leave 15cm or 6 inches of wire. Lift each loop with the hook and pass the end of the wire through all 3 loops and secure tightly. Flatten the necklace gently with your fingers.


To add a clasp pass the end of the wire through the clasp and through the closest bead and back 3 times. Conceal the end. Repeat for the other end. You can add a jump ring and clasp or an extension chain and clasp.

finished necklace

Old is new: Vintage jewelry has staying power

May 26, 2007

Beading as popular as ever! Found this article and thought you should check it out.

Old is new: Vintage jewelry has staying power
By Mary Awosika NYT Regional Newspapers Last Updated:May 20. 2007

Who doesn’t like a little sparkle around the neck or dazzle on the earlobes?- If you’re going to wear it, let it be seen.It’s is all about complementing a simple outfit with a dynamic piece of jewelry, a chunky choker or long ropes of beads.This is the age of costume jewelry.

It’s the perfect choice for those of us who can’t afford expensive jewels.Admirers dazzled by a bold conversation piece will be even more impressed when you reveal its $50, $20 or $10 price.”Jewelry is a means of expression,” said jewelry collector Shelley Osborne, of

“However comfortable you are in your own body determines how flamboyant your style’s going to be.”Osborne says that vintage jewelry has emerged in the mainstream since magazines, movie stars and designers started accessorizing with older pieces.”People can pull out costume jewelry from high school and college,” she said.”I think the reason people look at vintage is because it has a certain sense of nostalgia … It’s all about making a statement.”

Old is new | | Times Daily | Florence, AL

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Swarovski Crystal Beads

May 24, 2007

Austria is the home of Swarovski Crystal. It states on their website:”When he invented an automatic cutting machine at the end of the 19th Century, Daniel Swarovski opened the door to a world of fantasy.”

I would love to go to Innsbruck, Austria, to the home of “The Swarovski Crystal Worlds”. A truly magically place to visit. I will have to be content with check out my local Beading shop as the beautiful Swarovski Crystal beads are now available to everyone to make their own jewelry.

Step by Step photos of Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Bracelet

May 16, 2007

Step One

Pass the Needle through the last crystal unit of the previous circle.

Step two

After completing 3 small pearl circles, add on the next crystal unit, contain one large crystal.

Step 3

The center of the bracelet with the large pearl circle and large crystal units on each side.

Step 4

Now the center is finished. Continue to add small pearl and crystal circles.

extension chain

Add 5 seed beads and the extension chain then another 5 seed beads.

Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Bracelet

May 16, 2007

Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Bracelet

Here is another free beading pattern for you to enjoy making! This is a little more difficult the pattern is easy to follow step by step. This design uses a basic right angle weave technique to create a stunning Swarovski crystal beads and pearl bracelet. It is a long pattern and you can find step by step photos here on the Blog.

You need:

A packet of Size 15 seed beads

Small pearls

Large pearls

Small Swarovski crystal beads

Large Swarovski crystal beads

Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Bracelet
Cut a length of Nymo beading thread approximately 1.5metres or as long as you are comfortable using. Condition the thread with a thread conditioner and thread it onto a beading needle. About 15 cm from the end attach a bead stopper.

This free beading pattern is a right angle weave, and each bead always has a seed bead either side of the crystal or pearl. So always add on bead “units” for example, one seed beads one crystal (or pearl) then one seed bead, every time you need to add on beads.

This pattern is one size fits all, extension chain allows for sizing.

Thread on 4 small crystal units: 1 seed bead, 1 crystal, 1 seed bead, 4 times.

Allow beads to fall down near your bead stopper. Pass needle through the bottom of the first small crystal unit, then pull thread so beads form a circle, or a square. Tie a small knot between the seed beads where your needle is now, and then continue to pass the needle through the next small crystal unit. The needle always comes out of the bottom crystal or pearl unit ready to add the next circle.

Add on 1 small crystal unit, 1 small pearl unit and 1 small crystal unit. PNT next small crystal unit (on the circle you have just added on) then through small pearl unit.

Add on 3 small pearl units, units, then PNT existing small pearl unit on the previous circle, and then pull thread up. You will now have 3 adjoining circles. PNT next two small pearl units.

Add on 3 small crystal units and PNT small unit from previous circle. Then PNT next two small crystal units. Now there are 4 adjoining circles.

Continue adding on units until you have 3 complete small pearl unit circles. Now you are going to add in the feature piece of this bracelet, which is just the same pattern, but with larger beads.

Add, seed bead, small crystal, seed bead,

seed bead, large crystal, seed bead,

seed bead, small crystal, seed bead. Pass the needle through the small pearl unit from the previous circle, then through the next small crystal unit you have just added. This reinforces you work as you go.

Next add, seed bead, large crystal, seed bead,

seed bead, large pearl, seed bead,

seed bead, large crystal, seed bead, PNT.

Next add seed bead, large pearl, seed bead,

seed bead, large pearl, seed bead,

seed bead, large pearl, seed bead, PNT.

Add, seed bead, large crystal, seed bead,

seed bead, large crystal, seed bead,

seed bead, large crystal, seed bead, PNT.

Add, seed bead, small crystal, seed bead,

seed bead, small pearl, seed bead,

seed bead, small crystal, seed bead, PNT.

Continue adding bead units to match the other side of your bracelet. You should end up with:

3 small pearl circles with small crystals either side

I large pearl circle with large crystals either side

3 more small pearl circles with small crystals either side

Please look at the step by step photos to help you.

When you get to the end of the bracelet, exit your thread through the end small crystal unit, then add 5 seed beads, a parrot clasp, then 5 seed beads, PNT end small crystal unit, then back through seed beads and parrot clasp twice more.

PNT end small crystal unit, and then simply run your thread through to the other end of the bracelet in an “S” pattern. This is very important to secure the unit through your bracelet.

When you get to the end, again exit through the end small crystal unit, add on 5 seed beads, and extension chain, and then 5 seed beads. PNT end small crystal unit, then back through seed beads and extension chain twice more, PNT end crystal unit and into the bracelet.

Exit needle through a complete unit.

Tie a small knot or half hitch between two seed beads. PNT a couple more units. Tie another knot and repeat this procedure a few times. Then simply cut off excess thread. Remove bead stopper from tail end of thread and do the same with the tail end. This reinforces your work as well as securing you ends.

I hope you have enjoyed making this bracelet using Swarovski crystal beads.

Now you have your beaded bracelet. Want to learn more beading techniques in an amazing ebook that will have you going from beginner to expert in no time. Click here NOW!


Beading for Beginners

Happy Beading